Welcome to la petite ari!

This blog has been completely revamped with plenty of new content underway! Originally called the Urban Sampler blog, la petite ari highlights a fun-sized guide to lifestyle, travel and PR.

I look forward to sharing my experiences through an open, engaging and honest lens while driving conversation around travel, food, photography, career and more.

The inspiration behind the name “la petite ari” came from my signature petite size, or “la petite” in French. I took this as an opportunity to combine my love for French culture with a key physical trait.

Everything I post is inspired by Parisian chic, chispa Latina and lots of coffee. For some fun content, check out my travel pieces and photography from when I was reporting in Italy under the “Travel + Photography” section “When in Italy.”

Like, comment and follow me here and on social media! If you have any questions or suggestions about a certain topic, please submit a contact form.

I’m excited to connect with you!

Enjoy la petite ari!

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